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The Vibrant City of Makati

Makati is one of Metro Manila’s 16 cities and the country’s financial center. You will notice the skyscrapers to be considered tallest in the Philippines. There is a lot to explore here in Makati City. Ayala museum where Philippine history, culture and art lies in. It also house pre-colonial artifacts, ceramics from China, one of a kinds of traditional textiles and works of renowned Filipino artists. Nuestra Senora de Gracia in Guadalupe, where many people continues to worship. It’s also a popular venue for weddings. What makes the church marvelous is its combination of different architectural styles. For those who loved music so much, here at B-Side in Malugay Street is where you can watch performance from some of the country’s most talented musicians gathered. Next is Glorietta that is located in the center and divided into five sections, this mall often regarded as one of the Philippine’s largest malls. You will surely enjoy not only the shops but also the restaurants, bars, cinemas, and amusement centers. Makati City’s cost of living is significantly higher compared to neighboring Filipino cities, owing primarily to its sky rocketing real estate value and relatively upscale commercial and residential selections. However, compared to other major cities of the world, Makati City offers service, accommodations and value that are less expensive. Makati for better or worse is the best choice for many people, particularly those with a higher budget.

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We at Makatiflora (Powered by Philflora) always want the best for our customer. Just like the luxurious life in Makati City. Send flower to anyone here at Makati and be the one to get the best service we can offer to you.  If you want someone to be surprise just tell us and we will delivery it at time that they will be surprise. You’re happiness and satisfaction is our concern and will always be our priority. Order now to us and we give you the best alluring, fresh, blossoming and affordable flower that we can. We deliver in all area in Makati like Bangkal, Bel-Air, Carmona, Cembo, Cmembo, Dasmarinas, East Rembo, Forbes Park, Guadalupe Nuevo, Guadalupe Viejo, Kasilawan, La Paz, Magallanes, Olympia, Palanan, Pembo, Pinagkaisahan, Pio del Pilar, Pitogo, Poblacion, Rizal, San Antonio, San Isidrom San Lorenzo, Santa Cruz, Singkamas, Soutn Cembo, Tejeros, Urdaneta, Valenzuela, West Rembo.

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Send flower bouquet to Philippines. We give you the best service that we can offer to you, from the best choices of flower combination to flower filler to be use, arrangement of flower and flower fillers, best flower wrapper color and a ribbon that can complement the whole flower bouquet. We have the very well experienced florist to our team. You’re satisfaction to our service is what we seek, you can 100% guarantee  that your flower bouquet can be deliver on very good conditions, at the right time, and can be deliver on the right person. We spread love and happiness to our customer from our services. Trust and reliability is what we build to our all customer. So Order now and be our loyal customer at Makaticityflora (Powered by Philflora) and don’t miss any chance.