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Customized Bouquet


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A group of flower arrangements in vases meant to be put together on a dining room table or all over the house. An excellent pick for flower lovers who would like to bring the joy and brightness of flowers into every room or for special occasions when you'd like to add a floral touch to your party decor.

chocolate cake


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Chocolate Dream Cake

₱899.00 ( $ 17.44 )

₱1599.00 ( $ 31.02 )

Send the best flower arrangements to your loved ones. We offer different flower and chocolate arrangements for all kinds of occasion. Makati Flora offers express delivery in Balong-Bato, Batis, Corazon de Jesús, Ermitaño, Pasadena, Pedro Cruz, Progreso, Rivera, Salapán, San Perfecto, Addition Hills, Greenhills, Isabelita, Kabayanan, Little Baguio, Maytunas, Onse, Saint Joseph, Santa Lucia, Tibagan, and West Crame, San Juan City Metro Manila Philippines.